Founded fifty years ago, Bougain Law Firm specializes in economic and corporate law, advising national and international companies. Its founder, Fernando Bougain, is a well-known legal advisor and consultant that has had outstanding participations in different social and business areas.

Our academic and practical profile has allowed us to develop strong and effective relationships in our professional activities. Since 2001 we have redefined the professional project, granting a privileged position to our corporate clients and to professional negotiation as a method of conflict resolution.

Our staff is composed by lawyers specialized in different areas, who are provided with constant and permanent training, as well as specific preparations according to the industry. We believe that teamwork seeks to generate an efficient and concrete dynamic adding value to each area required by the client.

Our main goal is to provide high quality legal services to our clients in order to help them achieve their objectives. Based on commitment, integrity and our professional ability to adapt to their specific needs, we offer a comprehensive vision for the resolution of every situation.


Fernando Estanislao Bougain


Born in the City of Buenos Aires, on January 1965.

Lawyer form the University of Buenos Aires (1988). Regular Professor of the subject “Commercial Law” at the University of Buenos Aires. Director of the Postgraduate Course in “Updating Compliance” (UBA Law). Former Director of the Specialization Career in Business Legal Advice during 2008/2018. Former Director of the Direction of International Programs (UBA Law). Former Secretary and later on Deputy Director of the Department of Economic and Business Law (1996/2003). Graduate and Postgraduate Professor. Director of Foreign Companies. Representative of Transnational Groups in the country. Languages: French, English and Portuguese. Comprehensive business consulting lawyer.

Julieta Pancolini

Senior Lawyer

University of Buenos Aires, Lawyer (1996). Deputy Director of the Postgraduate Course in “Updating Compliance” (UBA Law). Master’s in business law from the University of Paris I-Pantéon-Sorbonne (France 1997/1998). Master in Economic Law from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium 1997/1998). Languages: French (bilingual level) and Italian. Graduate and Postgraduate Professor. Member of the Business Board. Comprehensive business consulting lawyer.

María Julia Murno

Senior Lawyer

University of Buenos Aires Lawyer (2006). Representative of foreign companies. Expert in EPC and EPCM contracts, Renewable Energies, Legal Due Diligence and company´s mergers and acquisitions processes. Languages: English, bilingual level. Comprehensive business consulting lawyer.

Erica Geringer Zapico

Senior Lawyer

University of Buenos Aires, Lawyer graduated with honors (2010). Specialist in Business Legal Advice (Postgraduate UBA Law 2012/2013). Coordinator of the Postgraduate Course in “Updating Compliance” (UBA Law). Undergraduate and postgraduate teacher (UBA Law). Former member of the Directorate of International Programs (UBA Law 2012/2014). Languages: English, CPE level (Cambridge). Experience in Legal Due Diligence and company mergers and acquisitions processes. Comprehensive business consulting lawyer.

Eliana Eizmendi

Junior Lawyer

University of Buenos Aires Lawyer (2017). English language. Experience in legal DD. Comprehensive business consulting lawyer.



Bougain Law Firm seeks to attract talented professionals,
providing the necessary tools so that they can achieve their goals.